Readings on Inclusive practice: Calm in crisis and Creating Personal profiles

Submitted by Maree Kirk on Fri, 11/03/2016 - 17:30

Here are some readings on inclusive schooling - facilitating student participation. These were recommended by Dr Jude Mac Arthur in the Bay of Plenty Pilot of the STPDS programme.

I have permission from the author to present them here for you to read.

These articles are from the website of Dr. Paula Kluth. It, along with many others on inclusive schooling, differentiated instruction, and literacy can be found at Visit now to read her Tip of the Day, read dozens of free articles, and learn more about supporting diverse learners in K-12 classrooms."

I found this reading interesting and helpful. As a parent at home when our child is acting out it's very easy to try correct the behaviour straight away rather than thinking about what may be causing it first. Easy to over react especially when tired. Parent having time out is a good idea, but not often do able. Very informative

 -- Glenda Bly